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I think the real issue here, is that there is a serial fraudster out there, well known and well documented, that appears to be immune from justice.

His scams are wll documentated, as are the names and details of his victims. His appearance is in the public domain, as is his modus operandii. Yet when all is said and done, he is allowed to continue his scams and frauds untouched by any form of justice.
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Seeing as the police apparently can’t help / won’t help and pretty much told me to deal with the problem however I feel fit, then I am going to try and do what I know, while getting other people to help retrieve my equipment.

What I’ve done so far, is made this website but this is only the beginning! I want to hear from people who’ve been conned by Norman Fowler, so I can add it to the website, but I also want any photos, videos, media relating so I can start making a video myself. order ivermectin online

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As well as having the prestigious title of being one of Crime Watch’s most wanted, he’s also featured on a number of different websites:
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