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In a shocking BBC investigative report, it was revealed that Norman Fowler and a number of convicted rapists, child abusers and criminals who’ve committed sexual assaults were on the run from police and have not been brought to justice.

Norman Fowler was convicted in 2014 and has since been on the run from the UK police, he absconded to Spain and was recently arrested on unrelated matters and has been released on bail despite his criminal conviction in the UK.

Since absconding Fowler began using a new alias, JJ McClure and had been held in an Alicante prison for a short time before being released on bail and is once again on the streets of Pedreguer.

Thousands of convicted criminals skip court for charges including child sex offences and rape are on the run.

More information can be found out on the BBC website about how thousands of rapists, child abusers and Norman Fowler (AKA JJ McClure) are on the run, the oldest conviction dating back to 1980: buy ivermectin online uk

Norman Fowler / JJ McClure is of large stature, has a northern accent and generally a polite person. He was last seen in Pedreguer, Alicante and was arrested on unrelated gun matters but has since been released on bail

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