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Check out the letter below to BBC Watchdog.

Hopefully they are a little more help that Norfolk Police.

Dear Sir / Madam, buy ivermectin pills

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Seeing as the police apparently can’t help / won’t help and pretty much told me to deal with the problem however I feel fit, then I am going to try and do what I know, while getting other people to help retrieve my equipment.

What I’ve done so far, is made this website but this is only the beginning! I want to hear from people who’ve been conned by Norman Fowler, so I can add it to the website, but I also want any photos, videos, media relating so I can start making a video myself. where can i buy ivermectin

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Recently I thought I would rent out some of my expensive camera equipment to make my income a bit more stable, and after posting an advert on Gumtree I had a message from an individual who was interested in renting my equipment. So, I replied to the SMS and we discussed the various bits available and the fellow sounded pleased to go ahead with a booking, so asked me to send across all the details on an email. order stromectol online