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Rather than blither on about how Norman stole my gear, today I thought I would talk about fraud / scams and how serious the problem is in the UK.

From my experience alone I’ve come across many other victims of fraud; both in the media industry and also other victims of Norman Fowler. To give you an idea of the scale of the problem, when I was first visited by the Norfolk Constabulary, the Police Officer told me that I was the fourth victim of fraud he was visiting that day.

This ponders a question, why is fraud so endemic within the UK? buy ivermectin online uk

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I haven’t really been posting much but the Norfolk Police have been slowly making progress with Norman Fowler, conman extraordinaire! The Sergeant dealing with my case has now crimed my report as a fraud and Norman Fowler will be arrested in due course – so it’s nice to see that something is being done.

However, after telling someone about the progress I had made with the Police / Norman he replied with the following message:

About bloody time, maybe if action had taken place earlier, the prevention strategy of the policing policy would have been seen to work and what I suppose will now be police time, effort and valuable resources wasted where can i buy ivermectin

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Hi Chloe,

My name is Tom, I am a self employed videographer based in Norwich.

Times are hard as we all know and to supplement my income, which can be quite unstable, I thought I would rent out some of my photography / videography equipment.

Recently I rented a number of items to a man called Norman Fowler, it wasn’t the conservative MP, but a chap who seemed very trustworthy and knowledgeable about photography. He provided me with his driving license, passport, a signed rental agreement and £300 in cash to rent one of my cameras and also a lens which I had saved for a lengthy period of time to pay for. order stromectol over the counter