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While the Police have all sorts of crime prevention policies, I found myself very frustrated with the way my particular case was dealt with – but it appears that I am not the only person out there who feels that the Police are pretty powerless at preventing crimes relating to Fraud and other offences.

It appears that this could be part of the “Big Society” that the Conservative government often talk about! It seems that more and more members of the public are using viral social media on websites like Facebook, Twitter and also YouTube as they feel disappointed with the lack of action from the Police & the lack of effectiveness of the legal system that the Police have to work to.

Check out this video to see what I mean: buy ivermectin online

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I haven’t really been posting much but the Norfolk Police have been slowly making progress with Norman Fowler, conman extraordinaire! The Sergeant dealing with my case has now crimed my report as a fraud and Norman Fowler will be arrested in due course – so it’s nice to see that something is being done.

However, after telling someone about the progress I had made with the Police / Norman he replied with the following message:

About bloody time, maybe if action had taken place earlier, the prevention strategy of the policing policy would have been seen to work and what I suppose will now be police time, effort and valuable resources wasted cheap ivermectin