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It’s Thursday. I want my items back so I can get on with normality, however, I expect Norman will just contact me with another reason why he can’t meet.

If my gear isn’t returned to me, I hope Norman Will face some serious consequences from a judge who isn’t as easily manipulated to give a lenient sentence.

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About two weeks ago I found out about Norman Fowler. Initially I felt shocked that it had happened but also had feelings of guilt having recommended another friend to rent some of his equipment as well. So I decided I needed to take a trip to the police station to get this dealt with.

To me it was evident that this convicted conman was up to his old tricks and I was confident that the Police would act quickly considering the previous convictions, but I was still worried about of fate of my equipment. However, when the police told me that I was stupid, that they wouldn’t help and that I should resolve the issue on my own I had massive feelings of despair. order ivermectin online

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Two different people contacted me about Norman Fowler using two different types of scams, but they’ve included another name and set of details for a person called J Broadley, I’ll explain each scam and also how it’s linked to J Broadley.

Scam 1: Norman Fowler arranges to meet mark in a very expensive hotel in London (where he’s supposedly staying) and sells some genuine Louis Vuitton clothing with buy ivermectin in uk

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I’ve not been posting as much on here lately as I am waiting to see what happens with Norfolk Police, however I’m still active behind the scenes!

While Norfolk Police are dealing with my enquiry, another victim of Norman Fowler has contacted us through the site with a similar story to mine and many others. “D” from London told me: cheap stromectol

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I’ve been made aware of yet more scams from Norman Fowler. However, this scam wasn’t for camera equipment, or car parts but was for a Rolex watch. Norman Fowler has a love for Rolex watches and feeds his addiction using a scam or a con or some kind of fraud.

I was already aware that he had already used a scam to obtain a Rolex watch from a fellow in Holland, but we have been contacted by someone who lives in Egypt who has had a Rolex watch taken by some sort of con or fraud. I’ve been advised that the watch was worth £6000 and Norman Fowler used the same address in Colchester, Essex. where to buy stromectol

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Just under a week has passed since I report Norman Fowler to the Norfolk Police and I feel that we’re starting to make progress. Although the Norfolk Police are seemingly failing to act upon the information I have provided them, Chloe Smith, the local conservative MP has started the ball rolling after reading the two emails I sent to her, which I am thankful for.

I’m still very frustrated with the attitude of the Norfolk Police, but other victims of Norman Fowler have told me that this is something they have all faced when trying to report the actions of the repetitive conman. However, I’m not willing to simply just let it be so and hopefully will inspire other victims to also try and achieve some kind of action, despite the lack of help from their local police. buy stromectol uk

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Another person has contact me about an Aristo which was stolen by fraud by Norman Fowler. He sent me an SMS message history in which you can see Norman Fowler was very manipulative and was happy to make up any excuse possibly as to why c cheque bounced and why the money hadn’t gone into the victim’s account.

Norman Fowler wasn’t brought to any kind of justice by Essex Police over this matter. Message history as follows: buy ivermectin online uk

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Unforunately I am a sarcastic gimp and the police haven’t done anything in the slightest. In fact, I received an email from a Sergeant at Norfolk Police assuring me that although Norman Fowler didn’t answer any phone calls from the police, that the Sergeant did in fact send an email, which he seemed pleased to tell me “put the cat amongst the pigeons”.

I am not joking, the Sergeant told me this, and my email response is as follows where can i buy ivermectin

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Taken from AVForums.com

I think the real issue here, is that there is a serial fraudster out there, well known and well documented, that appears to be immune from justice.

His scams are wll documentated, as are the names and details of his victims. His appearance is in the public domain, as is his modus operandii. Yet when all is said and done, he is allowed to continue his scams and frauds untouched by any form of justice.
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