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Defendant Norman Fowler was arrested on warrant for the offence of theft and was taken to magistrates court where he entered a not guilty plea. Norman Fowler also elected for the trial to be held at the Norwich Crown Court where it will be held in front of a jury.

This seems to make a mockery of the system, Norman Fowler avoided the first court date and as a result creates more work in creating a warrant, enforcing the warrant, it wastes the time of those at the magistrates court when he was meant to appear… I could write an endless list.

It appears that Norman Fowler knows the system to well and is able to play it in his favour, I expect this is probably why he’s opted for Crown Court to appeal to a jury and gain their sympathy. He certainly appealed to me and gave me a sad story and has done with other victims. He’s also evaded serious punishment the other times he has appeared in Crown Court.

It was reported on the Grimbsy Telegraph that: “Fowler, who had since attempted suicide and been sectioned under the mental health act, had borrowed £30,000 from a loan shark which he repaid, but was subject of threats to pay another £30,000, the court was told.” – and you can’t help feel sorry for him after reading that, however I expect this is just a fabrication for the jury to feel pitiful towards Norman Fowler.

I’ve been told by the Witness Care Team that I will have to wait until early January to find out what is going on with regards to court time and whether I am required to make an appearance, but I expect this time be a long and drawn out process. Let’s hope that Norman Fowler doesn’t strike in the mean time!

See the attached email from the Witness Care Team: buy ivermectin for humans

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Norman Fowler was summoned to Norwich Magistrates’ Court on 30th September however, Norman Fowler failed to attend court and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The Police are making every effort to find Norman Fowler in order to bring him to court as soon as possible and I have been advised to speak to my local Police Station if I have any information that may help, or if I need to speak to them for any other reason.

In the meanwhile, I am being investigated by the Norfolk Constabulary as I believe Norman Fowler has lodged a complaint about harassment, which I will continue to update on this site.

While speaking to another victim of Norman Fowler’s, I was told that Norman Fowler also filed a harassment complaint about them. This was after Norman smashed up his car with a baseball bat.

Check out the letter from the Norfolk Criminal Justice Services: buy ivermectin uk

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My previous post back in August said that we had some big news about repeat offending scam artist Norman Fowler which is as the title would suggest: Norman Fowler has been summoned to court for theft of my camera equipment.

He was summoned on the 9th September to confirm his identity and court was adjourned until 30th September when he entered a plea at his plea hearing. While I am still unaware of whether he has pleaded innocent or guilty I am very happy that Norman is once again in up in court.

To my knowledge Norman Fowler was last in Chelmsford Crown Court in June 2012 and pleased guilty to six offences during 2010 and 2011, and was in breach of a suspended sentence handed out in 2008 at Hull Crown Court for similar offences. Norman evaded a serious punishment with only community service, however the judge warned that

He faces a lengthy prison sentence if he brings trouble into other people’s lives

Let’s hope that the judge at Norwich Crown Court takes into account the fact that Norman Fowler hasn’t reformed or changed and has been given ample opportunities in his life time, but has continued to “trouble” other peoples lives.

Although I am happy to see Norman Fowler in front of a judge and potentially being handed a “lengthy prison sentence”, this unfortunately will not replace my equipment, or any of the items or money people have lost.

In addition, it goes without saying that Norman Fowler is ultimately responsible for his actions and the theft of my equipment, however I do feel completely let down by the Norfolk Constabulary, who primarily ridiculed me, then took a painfully slow, rude an all around lackadaisical approach to the case. Leaving me feeling they had absolutely no concern for me or my belongings.

The most shocking thing of all is that the Norfolk Constabulary want me to appear at their station for claims that I have harassed Norman Fowler… As if my faith in the justice system could get any less!

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Having had no updates about Norman Fowler / Fraud / my stolen camera equipment since early July I sent a disgruntled email to Stephen Bett (PCC), Simon Wright (MP), Tim Harris (Essex Police), Richard Walker (Norfolk Police), Anthony Abigail (Norfolk Polce) and the rest of Norfolk Police to complain about the lack of progress but also to advise them that ivermectin (ivermectin) where to buy – however this drew absolutely no response from anyone.

On 13 August 2013 I wrote another email to once again complain that I hadn’t received any response to my previous email (dated 2 July 2013) and that I was still none the wiser as to what was going on with regards to Norman Fowler and my equipment, however this time I got quite a few responses. where to buy ivermectin uk

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Previously I uploaded buy stromectol europe – and while the Chief Inspector regrettably wasn’t able to recover my items, he thought that the police wouldn’t have been able to do so even if they handled the matter as a crime from the outset.

In contrast to the Chief Inspector’s opinion that earlier preventative action would have resulted in a different outcome, the Home Office said that “The focus on prevention needs to be stronger”.

The Home Office changes the way the Police work – however the two letters would suggest that the Chief Inspector hasn’t really taken on board the policy outlined by the Home Office on this particular matter. buy generic stromectol

Norman Fowler – new address revealed in Peterborough

With the recent developments of Norman Fowler scamming yet another person for a £5500 Rolex, there are fresh details surfacing about his contact details including a new address in Peterborough and a new mobile number.

I haven’t visited the property myself, but I’ve been informed by his latest victim that he may also be residing at 63 Willoughby Rd, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9JR.

Norman Fowler’s new mobile number is 07923410555, however this has probably been ditched as I expect quite a few people who’ve previously been scammed have called this number to offer some abuse. Continue reading

Norman Fowler scams someone using fake Rolex



It would appear that Norman Fowler is once again up to his normal tricks and has scammed yet another person out of a large amount of money when they thought they were buying a Rolex watch.

I’ve already been in contact with the new victim who said he arranged to do a deal with Norman Fowler for a Rolex watch which cost over £5000. From what I can make out it sounds like he’s employing his normal tactics to prevent any further action from the victim by giving various excuses, such as “the bank has made an error”! Continue reading

Video About Police Misconduct

Check the brief article, the video and also some of the discussion on this page: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/video/2013/apr/29/act-terror-arrest-filming-police-video

I’d love to say that I’ve had an amazing experience with the police, but I haven’t… nor did Gemma Atkinson.


Chief Inspector involved with Norman Fowler fraud investigation

We’re approaching the 6 month anniversary since Norman Fowler scammed high value camera equipment from myself, and while justice still hasn’t been served I am still determined to raise awareness of what’s happened to me and a number of other people at the hands of Norman Fowler.

If you’re not aware of what happened, Norman Fowler hired camera equipment worth over £5000 and didn’t return it to myself. I later found out about his previous history of over £30,000 of various scams and despite being well known to the police, with multiple appearances in court they haven’t managed to punish him for any of his wrong doing.

When reporting the crime, I was faced with abuse from the police and an nothing short of a shambolic response. (I’ve made complaints which haven’t been followed up, I had to make multiple requests for my items to be entered onto the NMPR – which should have been done as a matter of course… I could go on!) Continue reading