Norman Fowler scams someone using fake Rolex



It would appear that Norman Fowler is once again up to his normal tricks and has scammed yet another person out of a large amount of money when they thought they were buying a Rolex watch.

I’ve already been in contact with the new victim who said he arranged to do a deal with Norman Fowler for a Rolex watch which cost over £5000. From what I can make out it sounds like he’s employing his normal tactics to prevent any further action from the victim by giving various excuses, such as “the bank has made an error”!

What amazes me is that Norman Fowler is being allowed to operate in this way by the police – who still haven’t brought him to justice despite the amount of scams he has committed over the years. I actually organised this page ( in date order and you can see he’s been regularly scamming people since at least 2007.

This whole event has reminded me of what happened and as a result I’ve not only posted about it on here, but I’ve also written to Simon Wright MP along with Norfolk Constabulary to complain about the lack of action or any kind of criminal conviction and punishment.

I was stung back in November 2012 – it’s hard to imagine how many other people have been made victims of Norman Fowler, as I would have only thought a few victims would actually bother to post about their experiences online.

A post was also created: – about the Rolex scam if you’d like to read a little more into what happened.