Norman Fowler / JJ McClure – Conman in Spanish Headlines

Norman Fowler was recently arrested in Spain and was put in a jail in Alicante for gun related matters, but has been released on bail despite a warrant for his arrest in the UK after being sentenced to prison for theft.

It has been reported that Norman Fowler was using the new alias of JJ McClure while living in Costa Blanca and Pedreguer, both close to Alicante, Spain and synonymous with British ex-pats and the BBC reported that he had attempted to defraud another victim by selling a vehicle reported as stolen.

Since a number of articles have appeared on the BBC & various other news outlets in the UK, Norman Fowler (AKA JJ McClure) has appeared in a number of Spanish news outlets warning other ex-pats of his criminal history to raise awareness of other potential victims in the area.
Today the story has been report in Round Town New, in print and online at
Report in Euro News Weekly:

Sunshine FM – a radio station in Costa Blanca also reported on Norman Fowler and published details on their Facebook page.

Extra vigilance should be used when coming into contact with Norman Fowler. He uses a number of aliases including JJ McClure and is very polite with a northern, Yorkshire accent. He weighs over 100kg and has a mole on his right cheek. He has previously been convicted in Hull and Chelmsford Crown Courts for theft / fraud involving high value items including high value AV / camera equipment, cars, car parts and Rolex watches.