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Norman Fowler is expected for his plea hearing in the next 3 weeks at Norwich Crown Court, however it would appear that new victims are surfacing having been contacted via this website.

One particular victim claimed to have been the victim of a fraud similar to mine, Norman Fowler allegedly hired a vehicle from the victim paying for a short term hire in full, however Norman Fowler failed to return the vehicle or pay for a second term and has since gone silent.

purchase stromectol onlineI’ve been in close contact with the victim who was able to trace the vehicle, which was found in the Hull area where Norman Fowler comes from. The vehicle was allegedly sold on by a chap called Jason Jones, AKA Jason Large (pictured right) who we’ve already mentioned on this website, but would also have a past of scams which can be read about here:

That’s all the information I can post at the moment, but once again it would seem that Norman Fowler has scammed another person, with the help of another well known conman from the Hull area known as Jason Large / Jason Jones.

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Norman Fowler was due in Norwich Crown Court for a plea hearing on 27th January 2013, however he failed to show which if I’m honest isn’t a surprise as Norman seems to know the legal system and how to play it to his advantage.

buy ivermectin canadaI also received an SMS via a messaging website confirming that Norman Fowler hadn’t attended Norwich Crown Court but also that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. It also claimed that when police visited his house they found that he was not there and the border agency had indicated he had “fled the country” and had left on Sunday.

buy ivermectin pillsI’m not going to question the incompetence of the legal system in the UK (they couldn’t even get his name right at court!) however I find it highly unlikely that they’d use an anonymous text service to inform me of this. Plus the fact I was in court on Monday to hear for myself that Norman Fowler had in fact not attended court due to a bad back.

I can only assume that someone was trying to misinform me so I’d make an outlandish post claiming that he’d fled the country, but I know this is not the case and I hope that he returns to full health as soon as possible so they can resume proceedings at Norwich Crown Court.

I’ve also been contacted by two more alleged victims of Norman Fowler who claimed that he has scammed them using a different alias, however they are almost certain it to be him – of course this is not confirmed, but will be discussed online.