Work In Progress

For my next blog post I was thinking I could do something a little bit different. If anyone has been reading this website they’re probably getting a little bit bored of me whining about my camera equipment blah blah blah… but I’m starting to come to terms that the equipment has long gone and now the Police are doing what they can to deal with Norman Fowler.

So… I was thinking we could try and speak to Norman Fowler a bit… ask him questions like:
“What motivates you in the morning?”
“How do you feel when you go to bed at night?”
“Do you feel any kind of remorse for the things you’ve done to people over the years?”
(Some more suggestions would be great, but I can’t promise Norman will reply)

In addition, I thought maybe I could do a blog entitled “Will The Internet Replace The Police” or something along those lines. It’s very common these days to see something on Facebook or Youtube about a problem whether it’s a missing person, a burglary from an OAP or if someone gets attacked and it’s caught on CCTV. This begs the question why does this sort of thing get on the internet?

Anyway, I’m now shooting off to Watford, but it would be great to have some ideas about the future of this blog!

1 thought on “Work In Progress

  1. Clodagh Tailford

    What are the police actually doing about this?? This guy has got a lucrative criminal pastime with the bonus of being’untouchable’. If I were to pop down to Tescos & nick a carrier bag full of goodies I think the law would be paying me a visit. Where’s the justice??

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