Two Week Rollercoaster (Part 1)

About two weeks ago I found out about Norman Fowler. Initially I felt shocked that it had happened but also had feelings of guilt having recommended another friend to rent some of his equipment as well. So I decided I needed to take a trip to the police station to get this dealt with.

To me it was evident that this convicted conman was up to his old tricks and I was confident that the Police would act quickly considering the previous convictions, but I was still worried about of fate of my equipment. However, when the police told me that I was stupid, that they wouldn’t help and that I should resolve the issue on my own I had massive feelings of despair.

I soon started thinking about what I needed to do to get my equipment back. So I arranged to meet Norman giving him the impression that he would be renting more bits of kit, but I would instead plead to Norman that these were my work tools and I needed the items back.

When I sat in the car I had a gut feeling he wasn’t telling the truth when he said he would give me the items back the following day. I felt powerless in that moment, I couldn’t get my equipment there and then and I am not the sort of person who goes mental in the public as I would be embarassed if people turned over to look at me screaming!

On Monday Norman said he couldn’t meet me and sent all the equipment back via Royal Mail instead. The tracking number provided a little bit of hope, but at the same time I was worried it was just another scam or stalling technique that he used with many others online to try and prevent any action.

Tuesday came and the tracking number said the item went to Newcastle, my small amount of hope turned back into despair and anger. Being angry I thought if I told Norman things like “You’ve messed with the wrong person” and “You’ve got 24 hours”, which in hindsight might have sounded like something you’d see in a crappy Liam Neeson hostage film. I’m crap at lying, he called my bluff.

So my feelings of anger subsided and the despair kicked in again so I thought I would return to the police again. The conduct of the public enquiry officer left me feeling frustrated and angry. This chap insisted he was only doing like his job but he seemed to have no sympathy whatsoever and this added to the stress that a convicted conman was in possession of £5000 of my equipment.

After much insisting at the Norfolk Police station, a number of emails and around a 4 hour wait we managed to speak to a Sergeant. I was already dissatisfied with the service and obviously distraught / upset / angry and once again I was confronted with someone who seemed to have no compassion about the situation.

I left feeling the Norfolk Police station feeling downhearted once again… which was only amplified when Sergeant told me that he tried calling Norman twice and sent him an email, I was also dumbfounded that the Sergeant thought an email would do anything as I had provided him with links to Norman’s past and he would also have access to the Police National Computer.