The Internet & Vigilante Justice

In the last few updates to this site, I have been talking about how the internet and social media have created almost a viral form of vigilante policing and justice system which is regulated by the general public.

Since my previous post, “Stinson Hunter”, a Youtube/Facebook user who publicly revealed potential peadophiles by pretending to be 14/15 year old girls on dating sites then arranging meetings at hotels / public places has had his Facebook and Youtube accounts shutdown and had a warning from the police that he could be breaking the law himself. (Article on BBC News)

While I didn’t agree with Stinson Hunter’s unveiling of paedophiles, I understood the reasons behind what he was doing, from the BBC interview; “he said he wants to highlight the need for more child stringent protection online and has no intention of stopping”. However, he said he didn’t want to encourage vigilante justice.norman fowler paedophile

Now, Norman Fowler is in no way a paedophile, and although the thought of a crowd of people with torches of pitchforks in chase seems a little bit amusing, I am sure that most of the victims of Norman Fowler would agree with me, that this is in fact not real justice.

The problem with both of these scenarios, (that is Stinson Hunter & his peadophile crackdown and Norman Fowler and this very website) is that the public are frustrated with the law and the police and the lack of justice.

I too have been warned by the police about this website, similar to “Stinson Hunter” and his investigation into paedophiles, but what do the police expect? I certainly don’t want to see Norman Fowler scamming another person, and “Stinson Hunter” doesn’t want to see a paedophile molesting a child… so what’s the solution?! Who knows…