The Big Society & Prevention Of Crime

While the Police have all sorts of crime prevention policies, I found myself very frustrated with the way my particular case was dealt with – but it appears that I am not the only person out there who feels that the Police are pretty powerless at preventing crimes relating to Fraud and other offences.

It appears that this could be part of the “Big Society” that the Conservative government often talk about! It seems that more and more members of the public are using viral social media on websites like Facebook, Twitter and also YouTube as they feel disappointed with the lack of action from the Police & the lack of effectiveness of the legal system that the Police have to work to.

Check out this video to see what I mean:

The crime in question is totally unrelated to fraud, but it’s evident that the guys are annoyed with the lack of power of the police to prevent crimes like this – possibly compared to US policing where they have the abilities to entrap a potential criminal.

I’m somewhat divided about this video because I know the intentions of the chap in question are obviously bad and need rectifying, but at the same time, these videos could be very dangerous to those in the video. Not only can they be subject to hatred from the public, their friends, family and loved ones – but also to themselves, as they may feel they would want to commit suicide having their face distributed across the internet and being associated with that sort of behaviour.

I think that the experience alone, in the presence of a police officer, could act as a potent reminder of what is wrong and right in this particular case and as a result this chap could be placed on “the register” just for showing serious intent on going through with something.

There is also to consider the fact that, that these guys sound like they were being very sexual with their conversations, and although they might have said “I’m 14” at the start of the conversation, she’s certainly looking for some sexual interaction herself, and by the way she’s talking has probably already had quite a bit. This in itself is totally different to someone who grooms children and forces them to do something against their will!