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Norfolk PCC Investigates

Yesterday I contacted the Norfolk PCC, Stephen Bett, by telephone and left a message his answer phone. Previously I had used email and Twitter as a means of contact which had proved unsuccessful, but the Norfolk PCC, called me personally today and advised that the email listed on his campaign site was no longer in use and that he would investigate into what I consider failings of the police.

He seemed to understand my frustration over the phone and said that the matter would be researched, so hopefully his involvement will regain some confidence in Norfolk Constabulary and the legal system as a whole. Continue reading

Norman Fowler Site Back Online After Being Hacked!

The site was unfortunately infected with a trojan and has been down for some time, but the site is back online now and will update you with the progress from Police, Members of Parliament, Police & Crime Commissioner and any fresh victims.

I hope no-one was caught out by Norman Fowler over the Christmas period as he has done previously and I look forward to posting once more!