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Complaints to PCC, MP & Police draw responses

Having had no updates about Norman Fowler / Fraud / my stolen camera equipment since early July I sent a disgruntled email to Stephen Bett (PCC), Simon Wright (MP), Tim Harris (Essex Police), Richard Walker (Norfolk Police), Anthony Abigail (Norfolk Polce) and the rest of Norfolk Police to complain about the lack of progress but also to advise them that Norman Fowler scammed another person using a fake Rolex – however this drew absolutely no response from anyone.

On 13 August 2013 I wrote another email to once again complain that I hadn’t received any response to my previous email (dated 2 July 2013) and that I was still none the wiser as to what was going on with regards to Norman Fowler and my equipment, however this time I got quite a few responses. Continue reading

Norfolk PCC Investigates

Yesterday I contacted the Norfolk PCC, Stephen Bett, by telephone and left a message his answer phone. Previously I had used email and Twitter as a means of contact which had proved unsuccessful, but the Norfolk PCC, called me personally today and advised that the email listed on his campaign site was no longer in use and that he would investigate into what I consider failings of the police.

He seemed to understand my frustration over the phone and said that the matter would be researched, so hopefully his involvement will regain some confidence in Norfolk Constabulary and the legal system as a whole. Continue reading

Another Letter To Simon Wright MP

Feeling frustrated with the lack of progress from the Norfolk Police I decided to write another email to Simon Wright my local MP.

Simon Wright MP responded to my first email / tweets about the matter and said he had raised my concerns with Philip Gormley, Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary on 16th November 2012. He said he would be in touch as soon as he received a full response but has not contacted me in nearly a month.

Here’s my latest letter to my local MP, Simon Wright: Continue reading

A Visit From Norfolk Constabulary

Yesterday I was due a visit from the Norfolk Police at 3pm but they didn’t show up. So I decided to give them a call to ask what was happening at 3.30pm. After speaking briefly to the switchboard they put me through to the control room who advised that the police officer was on route, however they would call back shortly to confirm his ETA.

“You’re one of four people I am visiting today for the same reason” – Police Officer

Despite the fact the police station is less than a mile away, which is usually a 3 minute drive or 15 minute walk, the police officer didn’t visit and I didn’t receive a phone call, so after waiting for an hour I decided to call the switchboard once again, who repeated that he was on route and they would call back shortly to confirm his ETA. Continue reading

Another Visit To Norfolk Police

The Norfolk Police gave Norman Fowler just over a week deadline to return my items. Since then there has been various excuses as to why my item hadn’t got back to me and on the final day I had no direct communication from Norman and of course nothing was returned.

So what happens now? I don’t actually know! I expect that at some point today I will be asked to go to the police station to tell them exactly what I told them two weeks ago. Hopefully the difference this time round is that they’ll act on what is said? Continue reading

Police Make Progress With Norman Fowler

Unforunately I am a sarcastic gimp and the police haven’t done anything in the slightest. In fact, I received an email from a Sergeant at Norfolk Police assuring me that although Norman Fowler didn’t answer any phone calls from the police, that the Sergeant did in fact send an email, which he seemed pleased to tell me “put the cat amongst the pigeons”.

I am not joking, the Sergeant told me this, and my email response is as follows Continue reading

Another Letter to Chloe Smith MP

Chloe Smith hadn’t replied to my email I sent 4 days ago, so I thought I would write her another email. Either she is very busy or didn’t feel that my first email warranted a response, hopefully she’ll reply to this one.

Hi Chloe,

I thought I would email again since I haven’t heard anything and I am not sure how long you usually take to reply to emails. Continue reading