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Just under a week has passed since I report Norman Fowler to the Norfolk Police and I feel that we’re starting to make progress. Although the Norfolk Police are seemingly failing to act upon the information I have provided them, Chloe Smith, the local conservative MP has started the ball rolling after reading the two emails I sent to her, which I am thankful for.

I’m still very frustrated with the attitude of the Norfolk Police, but other victims of Norman Fowler have told me that this is something they have all faced when trying to report the actions of the repetitive conman. However, I’m not willing to simply just let it be so and hopefully will inspire other victims to also try and achieve some kind of action, despite the lack of help from their local police. buy ivermectin for humans

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Chloe Smith hadn’t replied to my email I sent 4 days ago, so I thought I would write her another email. Either she is very busy or didn’t feel that my first email warranted a response, hopefully she’ll reply to this one.

Hi Chloe,

I thought I would email again since I haven’t heard anything and I am not sure how long you usually take to reply to emails. order ivermectin over the counter

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Hi Chloe,

My name is Tom, I am a self employed videographer based in Norwich.

Times are hard as we all know and to supplement my income, which can be quite unstable, I thought I would rent out some of my photography / videography equipment.

Recently I rented a number of items to a man called Norman Fowler, it wasn’t the conservative MP, but a chap who seemed very trustworthy and knowledgeable about photography. He provided me with his driving license, passport, a signed rental agreement and £300 in cash to rent one of my cameras and also a lens which I had saved for a lengthy period of time to pay for. buy ivermectin 3 mg