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Norman Joseph Fowler – Another Victim’s Thoughts

There are three ‘R’s that could be used to describe Norman Joseph FOWLER, “Rotund, Repugnant and Recidivist”, not quite the same three ‘R’s that were touted by Tony Blair in his hay-day! But lovely descriptive words none the less!

Unfortunately, FOWLER hasn’t done anything to prove that the application of these words to his name couldn’t be justified. Although innocent until proven guilty, all the evidence stacks up to prove that these accurately descriptive words could possibly be applied.

Lets just take a look at the evidence of the cheque fraud to see how applying these world could possibly be justified, then I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Continue reading

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J Broadley – Norman Fowler Alias?

Two different people contacted me about Norman Fowler using two different types of scams, but they’ve included another name and set of details for a person called J Broadley, I’ll explain each scam and also how it’s linked to J Broadley.

Scam 1: Norman Fowler arranges to meet mark in a very expensive hotel in London (where he’s supposedly staying) and sells some genuine Louis Vuitton clothing with Continue reading

Norman Fowler – Another Victim Surfaces

I’ve not been posting as much on here lately as I am waiting to see what happens with Norfolk Police, however I’m still active behind the scenes!

While Norfolk Police are dealing with my enquiry, another victim of Norman Fowler has contacted us through the site with a similar story to mine and many others. “D” from London told me: Continue reading