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Chief Inspector involved with Norman Fowler fraud investigation

We’re approaching the 6 month anniversary since Norman Fowler scammed high value camera equipment from myself, and while justice still hasn’t been served I am still determined to raise awareness of what’s happened to me and a number of other people at the hands of Norman Fowler.

If you’re not aware of what happened, Norman Fowler hired camera equipment worth over £5000 and didn’t return it to myself. I later found out about his previous history of over £30,000 of various scams and despite being well known to the police, with multiple appearances in court they haven’t managed to punish him for any of his wrong doing.

When reporting the crime, I was faced with abuse from the police and an nothing short of a shambolic response. (I’ve made complaints which haven’t been followed up, I had to make multiple requests for my items to be entered onto the NMPR – which should have been done as a matter of course… I could go on!) Continue reading

Norfolk PCC Investigates

Yesterday I contacted the Norfolk PCC, Stephen Bett, by telephone and left a message his answer phone. Previously I had used email and Twitter as a means of contact which had proved unsuccessful, but the Norfolk PCC, called me personally today and advised that the email listed on his campaign site was no longer in use and that he would investigate into what I consider failings of the police.

He seemed to understand my frustration over the phone and said that the matter would be researched, so hopefully his involvement will regain some confidence in Norfolk Constabulary and the legal system as a whole. Continue reading

Norman Joseph Fowler – Another Victim’s Thoughts

There are three ‘R’s that could be used to describe Norman Joseph FOWLER, “Rotund, Repugnant and Recidivist”, not quite the same three ‘R’s that were touted by Tony Blair in his hay-day! But lovely descriptive words none the less!

Unfortunately, FOWLER hasn’t done anything to prove that the application of these words to his name couldn’t be justified. Although innocent until proven guilty, all the evidence stacks up to prove that these accurately descriptive words could possibly be applied.

Lets just take a look at the evidence of the cheque fraud to see how applying these world could possibly be justified, then I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Continue reading

The Internet & Vigilante Justice

In the last few updates to this site, I have been talking about how the internet and social media have created almost a viral form of vigilante policing and justice system which is regulated by the general public.

Since my previous post, “Stinson Hunter”, a Youtube/Facebook user who publicly revealed potential peadophiles by pretending to be 14/15 year old girls on dating sites then arranging meetings at hotels / public places has had his Facebook and Youtube accounts shutdown and had a warning from the police that he could be breaking the law himself. (Article on BBC News) Continue reading

Action Fraud – Useful or Useless?

Action Fraud is a new national reporting centre which you can use when you’ve been scammed or defrauded in the UK, but I wondered just how useful this service is having been set up after being made a victim myself, so I thought I would discuss what happened to see what advice they could give.

The waiting time was only 8 seconds, which was great , here is the conversation:

Michelle: Hello Thomas Tailford, you are chatting with Michelle, thanks for contacting us, how can I assist you? (Please do not reveal personal data during this web chat) Continue reading

Norman Fowler – Fraud Continues

While this post is totally speculative I can only imagine that Norman Fowler is still committing fraud using one of the many scams that are easily committed within the scope of the UK legal system.

I am now asking myself the question what to do with Norman Fowler’s personal website and have teamed up with another one of his many victims to make good out of the problems caused by Norman Fowler and the scammers who also operate in the UK.

We both intend to create a website which will update people, not only with new types of fraud or scams that are out there, but also a name and shame type system for those who’ve tried to report fraud to the Police and have had the same frustrating outcome. Continue reading

A Visit From Norfolk Constabulary

Yesterday I was due a visit from the Norfolk Police at 3pm but they didn’t show up. So I decided to give them a call to ask what was happening at 3.30pm. After speaking briefly to the switchboard they put me through to the control room who advised that the police officer was on route, however they would call back shortly to confirm his ETA.

“You’re one of four people I am visiting today for the same reason” – Police Officer

Despite the fact the police station is less than a mile away, which is usually a 3 minute drive or 15 minute walk, the police officer didn’t visit and I didn’t receive a phone call, so after waiting for an hour I decided to call the switchboard once again, who repeated that he was on route and they would call back shortly to confirm his ETA. Continue reading

Norfolk Police Crime Norman Fowler’s Fraud

I haven’t really been posting much but the Norfolk Police have been slowly making progress with Norman Fowler, conman extraordinaire! The Sergeant dealing with my case has now crimed my report as a fraud and Norman Fowler will be arrested in due course – so it’s nice to see that something is being done.

However, after telling someone about the progress I had made with the Police / Norman he replied with the following message:

About bloody time, maybe if action had taken place earlier, the prevention strategy of the policing policy would have been seen to work and what I suppose will now be police time, effort and valuable resources wasted Continue reading

Two Week Rollercoaster (Part 1)

About two weeks ago I found out about Norman Fowler. Initially I felt shocked that it had happened but also had feelings of guilt having recommended another friend to rent some of his equipment as well. So I decided I needed to take a trip to the police station to get this dealt with.

To me it was evident that this convicted conman was up to his old tricks and I was confident that the Police would act quickly considering the previous convictions, but I was still worried about of fate of my equipment. However, when the police told me that I was stupid, that they wouldn’t help and that I should resolve the issue on my own I had massive feelings of despair. Continue reading