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Chief Inspector involved with Norman Fowler fraud investigation

We’re approaching the 6 month anniversary since Norman Fowler scammed high value camera equipment from myself, and while justice still hasn’t been served I am still determined to raise awareness of what’s happened to me and a number of other people at the hands of Norman Fowler.

If you’re not aware of what happened, Norman Fowler hired camera equipment worth over £5000 and didn’t return it to myself. I later found out about his previous history of over £30,000 of various scams and despite being well known to the police, with multiple appearances in court they haven’t managed to punish him for any of his wrong doing.

When reporting the crime, I was faced with abuse from the police and an nothing short of a shambolic response. (I’ve made complaints which haven’t been followed up, I had to make multiple requests for my items to be entered onto the NMPR – which should have been done as a matter of course… I could go on!) Continue reading

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