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Action Fraud – Useful or Useless?

Action Fraud is a new national reporting centre which you can use when you’ve been scammed or defrauded in the UK, but I wondered just how useful this service is having been set up after being made a victim myself, so I thought I would discuss what happened to see what advice they could give.

The waiting time was only 8 seconds, which was great , here is the conversation:

Michelle: Hello Thomas Tailford, you are chatting with Michelle, thanks for contacting us, how can I assist you? (Please do not reveal personal data during this web chat) Continue reading

Reporting Norman Fowler To Action Fraud

The report was filed online as follows:

Norman Fowler, a well known fraudster, rented my equipment & has not returned it despite a request on Sunday evening.

He claimed he sent the item to my address, but it went to Newcastle – and looking at his history this is just trying to delay me. Continue reading