Royal Mail Delays & Threats Of Police Action!

After receiving a phone call from Norman Fowler yesterday informing the parcel would definitely be with him today without fail, guess what… it failed! He told me that he received a calling card from Royal Mail informing him that they attempted delivery, and he would need to collect from the Post Office in 24 hours.

Here’s how this morning SMS from Norman read (oh and he’s now threatening me with Police action!):

I’ve had a card through my letterbox from Royal Mail saying that there is a parcel for me to collect and I have to leave 24 hours before collecting, so I will collect it tomorrow lunchtime and aim to be up in Norwich with you around 2pm tomorrow. Is that convenient? Also I would like to request that you remove the website, twitter and blog feeds bearing my name that you have created prior to us meeting tomorrow as you have no permission from myself to post such information without my consent, and posting my passport and driving licence pictures and numbers and the other information you have posted breaches the data protection act, which with you being a business carries very hefty penalties. I expect it to all be removed today, if not I will be contacting relevant authorities and also the police and making a full statement for harrassment, the threats, and what other avenues they see fit

My reply:

Sorry fella, i’ll consider taking the site down once gear is back. Can you email me a copy of the Royal Mail card and also the original receipt. Did you see email?*

*The email asks how the phone managed to make it into the Royal Mail parcel – as he told me he had sent it before he knew he was in possession of my phone

He replied:

In that case I’m reporting it today, Sorry!

To which I replied:

Sure thing mate. If any of it’s wrong i’m sure I can change if the police get in touch

He then said:

And no I will not email a copy of the card as you could send someone to get it using a copy of my id that you have. Royal Mail have been informed not to hand it over to anyone other than me in person. I will be persuing this as far as possible tom. If you remained amicable then this wouldn’t have to happen would it! I will be in touch tomorrow and arrange a time and place and will forward all this onto sgt XXX. Regards

I again replied saying:

Perfect! If any of it isn’t factual you’ll have to give me a letter by post and i’ll review it for you. I’d advise not using Royal Mail again.

I wonder if Norman is actually going to report me to the Police? I wonder what their response will be? I’ll be sure to update you!