Rolex Scam Con Colchester Essex

I’ve been made aware of yet more scams from Norman Fowler. However, this scam wasn’t for camera equipment, or car parts but was for a Rolex watch. Norman Fowler has a love for Rolex watches and feeds his addiction using a scam or a con or some kind of fraud.

I was already aware that he had already used a scam to obtain a Rolex watch from a fellow in Holland, but we have been contacted by someone who lives in Egypt who has had a Rolex watch taken by some sort of con or fraud. I’ve been advised that the watch was worth £6000 and Norman Fowler used the same address in Colchester, Essex.

Information about how the Rolex watch was obtained will be added to the site as soon as we have found out.

As mentioned, the Rolex watch was sent to Norman Fowler’s address in Colchester, Essex – and I suspect he used his website as proof of being a dealer!

His Rolex website, is also registered to his address in Colchester, Essex, but for some reason is now down.

For all Rolex watch fans, please beware of anyone selling or trading watches claiming to be from the Colchester or Essex area. His full address is 83 Propelair Way, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5YT.

I apologise for the lack of information about the con or scam, and also what Rolex watch was obtained, but as soon as we are updated we will add more information to the site.


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  1. D

    Thank you SOO much for this website I’ve been hunting him for a year now for £1000 which I swear I will get back some how… Anyone get more info please let me know.

    This is the info he used at the time


    Sort code 089249

    AC: 08348670

    Name J Broadley

    Asked for reference 16610

    Said it was CO-OP bank

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