Reporting Norman Fowler to the Police

First time I went to report what I thought was a crime, I got told a few things:
1. I was stupid.
2. Norman Fowler had in fact not actually committed a crime.
3. I should sort it out myself.

When she told me to sort it out myself, I told the police officer that I in fact filmed MMA / Boxing / Muay Thai and no quite a lot of big blokes who like smashing the hell out of each other. She said that those sorts of contacts sounded great for the job and made sure that I didn’t make any threats myself because then I would actually be committing a crime!! Oh the irony of it all.

Here’s what I don’t get, because I willingly handed over my camera for a week, that this was technically not a crime. For some reason the fact that he hasn’t given me back my camera is now completely irrelevant because I gave it to him in the first place… which to me doesn’t make sense whatsoever!

The police officer explained a little further and told me that this was in fact a civil matter, but I still don’t understand how this works – am I being dumb? Or is this an idiotic loophole within the law that should be closed to prevent fraudsers and conmen making money by technically not committing crime.

3 thoughts on “Reporting Norman Fowler to the Police

  1. craig E

    Do you have the police officxers details for your complaint to the chief counstable and police complaints body

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