Police Make Progress With Norman Fowler

Unforunately I am a sarcastic gimp and the police haven’t done anything in the slightest. In fact, I received an email from a Sergeant at Norfolk Police assuring me that although Norman Fowler didn’t answer any phone calls from the police, that the Sergeant did in fact send an email, which he seemed pleased to tell me “put the cat amongst the pigeons”.

I am not joking, the Sergeant told me this, and my email response is as follows

Thanks XXXXXX,

But, with the information I provided you, don’t you think the fact he’s committed over £30k of fraud in the past and has just done the same to me would say that he probably doesn’t give two pence about an email from yourself?

I would love to sit here and think… GREAT! I’m sure Norman will have taken note of what Sergeant XXXXXX has to say! However, I’m pretty sure the fact that he hasn’t had a visit will be giving him more time to sell / pass on / or some how prevent me from actually getting my gear back.

Can I ask did you contact DC XXXXXXX? Are Essex Police going to pay this guy a visit?

In addition, I did mention Norman’s excellent ability to stall any kind of action from a victim. I’ve just received a text message history from another chap who Norman managed to string along for 3 months before he realised he had been conned out of £700.

Can I ask once more for Norfolk Police to do something about this. This man obviously has no regard for the law and your email included and this is well documented on various news websites as I’ve mentioned plenty of times!

Sorry if I come across frustrated / annoyed / angry, but I am sure you can appreciated that’s how I feel.