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I think the real issue here, is that there is a serial fraudster out there, well known and well documented, that appears to be immune from justice.

His scams are wll documentated, as are the names and details of his victims. His appearance is in the public domain, as is his modus operandii. Yet when all is said and done, he is allowed to continue his scams and frauds untouched by any form of justice.


Why is he allowed to continue? Why are we talking about who he is, where he is, what he does, how he does it, who he does it to? Why aren’t we reading about him being before the beak and potentially sent down along with a big fine? The one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that his untouchability is a huge encouragement to others to behave in the same way. By not bringing him to a very public justice, we are all being forced to endure an ever increasing level of open and cynical dishonesty.

A sad reflection on many aspects of modern society.

2 thoughts on “Others comment on Norman Fowler

  1. Tim

    I think the threats of violence from him are the main cause of why this has been allowed to continue, together with the costs of going to court to recover costs owed by him.

    I heard every excuse under the sun when he was conning me! He couldn’t pay the money he owed for the following reasons: –

    His wife had a miscarriage then…
    His wife had a break-down because of this then…
    His wife was taken to hospital from an Over Dose
    The bank returned it
    He couldn’t get to the bank
    It was returned again by the bank – must be my fault

  2. tomtailford Post author

    It’s an absolute disgrace that he can do it and get away with this sort of thing.

    In fact, I have asked the Sergeant dealing with my report at Norfolk Police why Norman Fowler (and anyone else for that matter) can get away with this sort of thing, ruin peoples lives in the process, then move on and find yet another victim.

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