Norman Fowler

Norman Fowler has evaded serious punishment from the courts a number of times for theft / fraud and similar offences. Norman Fowler hired my camera equipment in November 2012 and never returned it and since then I have blogged about my experience with Norman Fowler as well as the Police, the Courts & various other frauds.

Since having my equipment stolen by Norman Fowler other victims have made contact with me via this site. This includes past victims but also people who have been scammed since I reported the theft of my equipment.

Here you will find more information about Norman Fowler, however if you browse the rest of the site you can find more content about fraud and the various fraudsters that operate in the UK.

Norman Fowler’s driving license & passport details

General information about Norman Fowler

Newspaper reports about Norman Fowler

Various victim reports / forum posts about Norman Fowler

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