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As well as having the prestigious title of being one of Crime Watch’s most wanted, he’s also featured on a number of different websites:

Norman Fowler has got some serious skills, and has been allowed by the UK justice system to repetitively commit fraud & get away with it.


He has, according to pocketed over £30k in web scams.

He was punished and given 300hours community service – which he can effectively say he got paid £100ph to do!

Among the items he advertised was a Rolex watch for £4,800. The court heard he received the watch’s value in gold – four ounces.

Michael Fraser, prosecuting, said the total amount involved was £30,868 from websites advertising property for sale, including eBay.

He said Fowler had used false names and offered items such as cameras, a watch, car and car parts and a laptop.

Fowler pleaded guilty to six offences of fraud between February 2010 and March 21, 2011.

He also asked for 25 similar matters to be taken into consideration and was also in breach of a 12-month suspended sentence handed out by Hull Crown Court for similar matters in August 2008.

At a previous hearing at Chelmsford, another judge had warned: “He faces a lengthy prison sentence. He brings trouble into other people’s lives.”

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Norman Fowler Conned £30k and got away with it

Norman Fowler Conned £30k and got away with it