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5 thoughts on “Norman Fowler Vs Justice

  1. Paul buy ivermectin

    I was conned my this fat prick!
    Good on you for making this site!

    1. tomtailford Post authorbuy ivermectin online uk

      Hey hey, welcome to the site – you are our first poster – please do tell!!!

      The intention of this website is to get something done. The police called me stupid and told me to sort it myself – but I think it’s unfair to call me stupid when he’s a known conman who’s done over £30k worth of fraud.

      Maybe the policy and law is stupid for allowing people like this to operate? Maybe the police are stupid for not locking this guy up??

      This certainly is in the interest of the public, so I don’t know why the CPS has only given this guy some community service?!

  2. buy ivermectin uk buy ivermectin scabies online

    Also conned by tons of fun. Agreed to purchase some car parts to the tune of 600 quid, paid by bank transfer.
    Parts never turned up, several calls getting progressively more obtuse and rude later, he offers either a refund, or me to collect in person ( drive 200 mile round trip to some out of the way garage in the Essex countryside. Yeah, right)
    Cheque was sent from a different account, cheque bounced, account had been closed for some time.
    Contacted Lincs police who were, to be fair, very helpful and informative, kept me informed every step of the way.
    Loving your work Tom 🙂

    1. tomtailford Post authorpurchase ivermectin

      I will go to Norfolk Police and try and speak to them again tomorrow if I have time.

      This time I will take in a little more information with regards to his past and how he’s not conned just me…

      It’s not really my work, technically this site wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Norman Fowler! (But thanks for the compliment anyway!)

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