Norman Fowler Royal Mail Fraud

Check the email history below – take notes of the dates / times and then compare with the Royal Mail tracking & times.

Does Royal Mail tracking usually update as per the images or is someone within Royal Mail updating information for him?

Royal Mail failed to provide the address where it was going, the size of the package, the weight of the package, or any extra information. Surely all of this is logged when a package is sent?

Norman Fowler said (12 November 2012 15:37)

Hello tom,
I have collected the equipment but due to problems my end I could not make norwich today, so I have sent both bodies, batteries, chargers and the 3 lenses to you all securely packaged and suitably insured by next day delivery and you will get them by 1pm tomorrow. The tracking number is: AD3168372766GB if you goto you can track them.
Postal address: Thomas Tailford, 8 Cresswell Close, Norwich NR5 8SB.

Once you have received them if you can post me a cheque for the £250 as promissed plus send back the £500 payment once it has cleared please. I’m putting you on trust with that so please do not let me down.

I assume that is perfectly acceptable?

I said (13 November 2012 00:11)

Hi Norman,

Can you confirm that’s deffo the right code as nothing is coming up on Royal Mail.



Norman Fowler said (13 November 2012 07:45)

Hi tom
Its correct apart from I put two 6’s at the end and it should only be 1
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone on O2

So all of this said, and about 12:15 I track the parcel to find that it’s being returned to the sender in NEWCASTLE (as per image)

So I contacted Norman Fowler and advised him that the Police told me to chop his head off, and that this would “technically” not be a crime because he is a thieving gimp and deserves some Sharia law.

He then replied (13 November 2012 12:51)


I suggest you read this thoroughly before making such comments as you have by email/phone.

1) I have rang Royal Mail just now, they have no idea why it has gone to “Newcastle” and it has been returned to me as my number and postcode are on the box to return it to. The message on Royal Mail states: We were unable to deliver item AD316837276GB as the addressee has gone away.We returned the item to sender on the 13/11/12 12:40

2) As soon as the box comes back to me, I will deliver it in person when possible to you in Norwich you have my word on that

3) The threats you’ve made and the insinuations, I take VERY seriously. If you attempt to attend my address, or have any friends/collegues/agents or instruct any said individuals to attend on your behalf I will immediately ring the Police and report you/them.

4) I have made Police aware that I have been threatened by yourself and insinuations were made regarding certain “questionable individuals” that you know/associate with that may take up such matters on your behalf, to which that has been logged and if you attempt to attend my address or anyone else does such the Police will be called and I will peruse any possible charges against said individuals and or yourself for instigating such action.

As I stated before, I have genuinely sent the equipment, as to why Royal Mail have failed to deliver I have absolutely no idea. Once the box comes back, I will know why.

Until it returns, I would ask you to remain calm and give me the benefit of the doubt and refrain from making any further threats or insinuations. According to Royal mail I should have it back here tomorrow.



What I thought was weird was that the status changed on Royal Mail’s site literally a few minutes after I spoke to him.

Is there someone within Royal Mail in cahoots with this man? I don’t know, but it seems dodgy to change almost instantly.

Check the pictures / times in conjunction with the messages above!

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  1. scammed1

    This is same pattern emerging as previous scams reported and identical to my own dealings with NJF. Failed parcel deliveries. Bogus tracking numbers and the posted items returning to him for unknown reasons . Tom contact me via email for more info.

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