Norman Fowler Plea Hearing – 21st February

Norman Fowler’s second plea hearing date should be on Friday of this week, with a trial date indicated in March 2014.

Last month repeat offending fraudster Norman Fowler didn’t turn up to the initial plea hearing which was held at Norwich Crown Court (read more here) with the excuse he had a bad back. The judge and other court staff seemed to joke that Norman Fowler was indeed familiar with the law and I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t turn up.

After reading Prosecution Policy and Legal Guidance on the issuing of medical certificates available on the CPS website it would seem that if Norman Fowler doesn’t turn up to Crown Court this time that he will betting arrested. I’m also surprised that the Crown Court found Norman Fowler’s medical certificate satisfactory – especially as they joked about his familiarity with the court process.

It will be interesting to see if Norman Fowler is brave enough to chance it once more with a sore back or indeed another ailment of some kind. However I really feel that Norman’s scamming days are going to be coming to a close in the not too distant future.

If however this isn’t the case then I’ll continue to update this site at the very least with some more reports of Norman Fowler’s fraudulent activity.