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I wrote a number of emails to various newsdesks across the UK which have already published items about Norman Fowler and his criminal activities including fraud and theft of a vehicle.

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I have a story relating to previous stories:

After lenient sentences of community service, Norman Fowler is back to his old ways.

He rented high value camera equipment worth over £5000 & has not returned the items using many different stalling techniques.

On Friday, the items were due back & Fowler said he would pay additional money to rent the equipment but didn’t make payment.

Despite his criminal convictions and string of fraud offences in the past, Norfolk Police said they would not help in the matter and advised a member of the public to deal with the matter on his own.

On Sunday, the equipment was requested to be returned, but Norman Fowler claimed all items were in London but assured items would be returned in person on Monday. On Monday Fowler said he would not return the items in person and would use Royal Mail and advised the item would be returned on Tuesday.

According to Royal Mail the item arrived in Newcastle, but was not signed for and as a result was being returned to sender. According to another person who has been victimised by Norman Fowler this is a technique he has used before.

On Wednesday, Norman Fowler stated that Royal Mail hadn’t returned any post and after a second visit to Norfolk Police Sargeant Anthony Abigail said that he would be contacting Norman Fowler advising that if all the equipment wasn’t returned that he would face severe consequences taking into account his past.

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