General Information

Here’s the contact details I have for Norman Fowler so far

Email: (Working 13/11/2012)

Email: (Not tested)


Mobile: 07708 358 092

Mobile: 07842 688 000

Address: 83 Propelair Way, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5YT Googlemap

He parks his car here: Googlemap


Norman Joseph Fowler operates using a number of different aliases including Anthony Fischer, Richard Sinclair.

He uses various aliases online as: evo_ant, norm, nicksterrr, DSSD, mike_uk

He was born on 21st December 1977 in Northallerton.

His passport number is: (removed at hosting providers request*)

His driving licence number is: (removed at hosting providers request*)

Norman Fowler drives a dark red Volkswagen Polo, registration plate: (removed at hosting providers request*)

* Images of Norman Fowler’s driving licence and passport can be provided by request along with his registration details. – simply by making a comment below (please ensure you use a valid email when leaving a comment!)

He claims:

On my property internally and externally I have 24 hour CCTV recording which I am by law allowed to do. I also have external CCTV covering the communal entrance and vehicle parking which again, I am allowed to do. This is linked to a DVR and to our smartphones and may be used as evidence if required.


He often uses his wife as a tool for sympathy, with me he advised she had a rare heart condition, but with others he has mentioned being pregnant / having abortions etc.

He seems knowledgeable about Canon cameras, and stated to me he deals Rolex watches and it’s apparent he likes sports cars including Mitsubishi Evo.

He has a northern accent, is a large fellow and I believe uses a common technique of trying to make victims (or marks) feel sorry for him, allowing him to gain trust.

He says he has a number of businesses, he told me he was taking photos for “Vanquish Properties (Nottinghill) Ltd” – this company doesn’t exist.

He also operates a website

He seems to be a compulsive liar and will make up the most elaborate of stories & has left multiple people out of pocket to the tune of over £30,000. For some reason the UK justice system has only given Norman community service on the multiple times he has been seen in court, and he’s back to his same old tricks!

Here’s a picture as featured in the Colchester Gazette.



1 thought on “General Information

  1. Tim

    I smells bullshit – allowed by law to have CCTV???

    If you have your own CCTV equipment, you must make sure of the following: –

    • You have registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

    • Put up signs notifying people that CCTV is in use and who operates it.

    • Give any individual who requests it copies of footage of them (for a charge of up to £10).

    • Ensure that any footage stored is kept for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it is obtained.

    • Ensure that footage is not disclosed to anyone else without the consent of the individuals shown in it unless it is for a reason permitted under the DPA, such as the prevention or detection of crime.

    Doubt very much that Fowler did any of this, in-fact I doubt very much that he actually had any CCTV equipment, so this would mean that he was breaking the law by having it, if indeed he did have any installed.

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