Newspaper Reports

My views on this site may be considered a little biased, but rather than listen to me, check out the various newspapers which don’t appear to have anything good to say about Norman Joseph Fowler.

Each article refers to Norman Joseph Fowler as a wanted criminal, a conman, a fraudster with a string of fraud offences, thefts, breaches of court orders, eBay scams etc.

One article describes how Norman Joseph Fowler sold goods which he didn’t in fact have, pocketed over £30,000 of other peoples money.

Other transactions included:
Exchanging a Rolex watch for £4,800.He received the watch’s value in gold – four ounces.
Exchanging an Audi A4 car for a BMW

Norman Fowler has according the one article admitted six offences involving car parts, a gearbox and an arcade machine he advertised worth about £1,500.

Norman Joseph Fowler asked for 25 similar matters to be taken into consideration and was also in breach of a 12-month suspended sentence handed out by Hull Crown Court for similar matters in August 2008 during a court hearing around June 2012.

Hull Crown Court had ordered him to carry out 150 hours unpaid work for the earlier offences, but the court in Essex was told that he was back to his old ways by the time he had completed 70 of those hours.

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