Norman Fowler Gets Confused

When you make up stories which are not factual it’s kind of hard to keep track of everything you’ve said. Norman Fowler unfortunately revealed something today, which provided me with further proof that the information he has been providing me with is bogus!

Norman Fowler called me today to tell me that he spoke to Royal Mail in Newcastle, who had advised that they have a backlog of mail, and all items being returned to senders would be going out today (and should be with Norman tomorrow).

I also questioned Norman on the whereabouts of my telephone handset and he told me, that this was also included with the camera equipment that got sent to Newcastle.

The discrepancy in this statement is that Norman Fowler wasn’t actually aware that my phone was in his car until AFTER he claimed to have sent the items to Newcastle.

Now, I am sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for this which I might hear from Norman Fowler in the next few days.



1 thought on “Norman Fowler Gets Confused

  1. Tim

    Yup, this sounds like Colchester’s resident scam artist!

    He always got so aggressive and threatening when he was told that he had something else, was interesting to play back the voice recordings, mainly for my own sanity and to prove my point.

    Yup, he was making it up as he went along, and would change the story to suit the current situation.

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