Norman Fowler Get Rich Quick Legal Fraud

Norman Fowler legitimately hired my equipment, but when the hire period expired and he didn’t pay I found out about his past.

I suspect that he will probably claim he has every intention of returning my equipment, but somehow, through no fault of his own, I expect it won’t get given back. This would probably be the technicality within the law that allows him to do this to victim, after victim, after victim with absolutely no action from the police.

Despite the hire period expiring and my request to have my equipment returned, I have to prove is that he has either sold on my equipment or he has appropriated my property as his own.

When Norfolk Police were presented with the fact that to my knowledge Norman Fowler has committed over 31 similar offences in the last few years they acknowledged it was more than likely that Norman Fowler has repeated what he has done many times in the past, but were not prepared to treat this as a criminal matter. You might scratch your head and ask why? I was told “because he might have changed” – without anything being said,  the Sergeant dealing with the case seemed to acknowledge that this is absolute BS.

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