Norman Fowler – Fraud Continues

While this post is totally speculative I can only imagine that Norman Fowler is still committing fraud using one of the many scams that are easily committed within the scope of the UK legal system.

I am now asking myself the question what to do with Norman Fowler’s personal website and have teamed up with another one of his many victims to make good out of the problems caused by Norman Fowler and the scammers who also operate in the UK.

We both intend to create a website which will update people, not only with new types of fraud or scams that are out there, but also a name and shame type system for those who’ve tried to report fraud to the Police and have had the same frustrating outcome.

The database will include various details, including the names / aliases, contact details and also images to identify fraudsters. It might even be worth including the action from the police, if any – so in the future we can present information collected the “the people in charge” of the country to show them what a massive problem fraud is within the UK.

Due to the DPA, it looks like we will also have to host our website in some far away land – so it means we’ll soon be putting up the images of Norman Fowler’s passport and driving licence!!

We would love to hear suggestions of what details you think are important to prevent fraud in the UK – so please comment below!