Victim Reports

A forum post about a rolex scam by Norman Fowler on eBay – July 2013

Norman Fowler Rolex Scam eBay listing – July 2013

A warning post about scammer Norman Fowler – November 2012

An appeal for information on Norman Fowler after a Rolex scam – November 2012

A warning post on a Dutch Rolex forum about Norman Fowler – November 2012

A warning about Norman Fowler with Christmas approaching – November 2011

Forum user appeals for help after Norman Fowler doesn’t send car parts – August 2011

A scam involving car wheels and Norman Fowler – August 2011

An appeal for help after a Romanian person is scammed by Norman Fowler – July 2011

An appeal for help after Norman Fowler scammed someone for some coilovers in December 2010

A forum user appeals for help after not receiving goods paid for – September 2010

A post about Norman Fowler appearing on crimewatch – August 2010

Norman Fowler scams a German national – August 2010

A car scam under the name Ken Foster / Ken Fowel – March 2009

A forum user appeals for information about scammer Norman Fowler – December 2008

Norman Fowler gets revealed as a scammer when trying to sell a performance car – December 2008

Request for info on Norman Fowler after car parts scam – November 2008

A scam involving a failed business and Norman Fowler – October 2008

A slideshow on YouTube showing Norman Fowler vandalising a car – February 2008

An early Rolex scam on AV Forums – July 2007



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