Driving License / Passport

According the passport, con man Norman Fowler was born on 21 December 1977 in Northallerton. His current passport is valid until 01 October 2022 and has a passport number (removed by request of hosting provider, can be provided by request)

Con man Norman Joseph Fowler’s driving licence says he is living at 83 Propelair Way, Colchester, CO4 5YT – which I believe to be correct as my phone’s GPS tracked him to near this location.

The fraudster Norman Fowler license will expire on 13 May 2014 – so you might see an update to his photo.

Con man Norman Fowler has a driver number of (removed by request of hosting provider, can be provided by request)

Images of Norman Fowler’s driving licence and passport can be provided by request – simply by making a comment below (please ensure you use a valid email when leaving a comment!)

4 thoughts on “Driving License / Passport

  1. Damo

    Nothing happend, no sign of him… obviously hiding from the masses. I say put up a tent outside and wait for him to arrive/leave and then recover all the stolen and de-frauded goods.

  2. tomtailford Post author

    Update: 23/11/12 – Norman Fowler contacted the hosting provider (instead of the police) to ask me to remove certain details including images of his passport and driving licence, but not to worry.

    Should you need a copy of either of these, leave a comment and I will happily forward them to you on the email address provided.

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