Norman Fowler Contacts My Hosting Provider

Just received an email from my hosting provider advising me that Norman has been in touch:

Tom Tailford, who has created the website has publicly attacked me, is slandering my name and posting up my personal details, bank account details and my personal identity documents on his website which was created to publicly attack myself.

He has posted up my personal details, my personal bank details, my personal id documents including my passport and the passport number including a photo, my driving licence and driving licence number including a photo, he covertly took photographs of myself without my consent and has posted them online all without my knowledge, consent or permission either before or after.

I would like to ask you to remove the website as it is a personal attack at myself, it contains my personal details, bank information and identity document details and photos, which are breaking data protection act laws

Unfortunately meeting in a public place means that you can get your photo taken and I am sure the police have confirmed that legally you can’t do anything about it.

The other photos have been taken from other News websites and the copyright would belong to them, not yourself – so again legally you can’t do anything about it.

You consented to giving me your documents, these items belong to me and unfortunately you can’t legally do anything about me putting them online.

The accounts from various other members of public are unfortunately a result of your own actions, if you think you’ve got a case, I suggest you talk to the police about the matter – as you told me you would yesterday.

It would appear that the Police told you “Sorry Norman, he can legally do this” and now you’ve contacted my hosting provider!!

For the record, this is not a public attack and I have not breached anything to do with data protection as the bank details relate to someone who isn’t in fact yourself!