Norman Fowler Attempted Fraud

I received an email from a chap called Damo from London who nearly got stung by Norman Fowler when he was trying to sell a computer on Driftworks Forum (DW). Here you will see some of the tactics that Norman Fowler has used – I noticed a few similarities with what he did to me.

Thanks for the information, here’s the email:

With regards to your email I wasn’t caught out despite him trying desperately to buy a computer from me!

He called me A LOT everytime saying that he would come to collect that night or something had come up and have a 30 minute conversation about one thing or another.
I never removed the for sale advert and someone else snapped it up a few days later and he was quite apologetic.  Weirdly enough I never knew him as Norman and I believe that it was fairly early in his career of scamming people on Driftworks.

He posted a story that grew progressively which involved him himself being ripped off and beaten up and the police arrested him for assault, although later dropped the charges. I’m if you havent already found the story it could be dug up.

Anyway he continued selling on Driftworks, claimed his wifes mother had developed cancer and was causing relationship troubles ultimately resulting in him and his partner splitting up.  Although I do recall him saying that they had bought a place in the docklands area together and his flat in colchester was currently empty.  Whether he said that to deter people from visiting his address I dont know.

Things were beginning to look suspicious on DW and people were complaining, he called me a few times saying that he wasnt near a computer and could he stick a message up on his behalf which I did.  I was working in Colchester at the time running my garage so I was always friendly to people in the hope that it would lead to business but I’m not an idiot.
Then Paul from JDM garage and a few other people posted his address (and offered me money to go there and see what I can find/recover).  I said that I would go past despite it being out of my way, most people just seemed to be blowing hot air. If it was me that had been ripped off and it was only 50 -100 miles to go and deal with it head on I wouldn’t think twice!  Also I am not a big or ‘hard’ guy, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do the right thing.

So I drove to his colchester address… it’s a new build housing estate. No sign of any of the cars he mentioned. No garage on the adjoining house (although again, he told me on the phone once his car was in a neighbours garage).  There was a Nissan S14, stock looking nearby but no body seemed to know who owned it. I knocked on his door a few times and no answer. Tried to get my arm through the letter box to open the communal entrance to the block of 5-6 flats. No joy.  Had a look in his letterbox and no mail, not even a pizza flyer so it was obviously in use.  Saw a few neighbours and asked if they know anyone at this address (I probably said Nick though) and the answer was no.

Later that day when I posted pictures of where he lived and the surrounding location, he then emailed me several pictures of the car I was in, clearly showing the number plate which he claimed were from CCTV.
I didn’t see any CCTV cameras there, or signage which is legally required.  I’m guessing from the photo that it was in fact taken by him on his phone.  I had no idea what he looked like so could of in fact been one of the neighbours. It was a good few years back.

In his email he said that he had evidence of me trying to unlawfully gain access to his residence-which he also claimed was derelict and nobody was living there.  I told him to get a life and cut the bullshit.

Ironic that even in his email to you he seems to preach the law and state his legal rights so much.  I’ll see what pictures I have including the one he sent me which I’ll forward on to you.