Norman Fowler Arrested On Warrant

Defendant Norman Fowler was arrested on warrant for the offence of theft and was taken to magistrates court where he entered a not guilty plea. Norman Fowler also elected for the trial to be held at the Norwich Crown Court where it will be held in front of a jury.

This seems to make a mockery of the system, Norman Fowler avoided the first court date and as a result creates more work in creating a warrant, enforcing the warrant, it wastes the time of those at the magistrates court when he was meant to appear… I could write an endless list.

It appears that Norman Fowler knows the system to well and is able to play it in his favour, I expect this is probably why he’s opted for Crown Court to appeal to a jury and gain their sympathy. He certainly appealed to me and gave me a sad story and has done with other victims. He’s also evaded serious punishment the other times he has appeared in Crown Court.

It was reported on the Grimbsy Telegraph that: “Fowler, who had since attempted suicide and been sectioned under the mental health act, had borrowed £30,000 from a loan shark which he repaid, but was subject of threats to pay another £30,000, the court was told.” – and you can’t help feel sorry for him after reading that, however I expect this is just a fabrication for the jury to feel pitiful towards Norman Fowler.

I’ve been told by the Witness Care Team that I will have to wait until early January to find out what is going on with regards to court time and whether I am required to make an appearance, but I expect this time be a long and drawn out process. Let’s hope that Norman Fowler doesn’t strike in the mean time!

See the attached email from the Witness Care Team: Norman-Fowler-Arrested-On-Warrant