Norman Fowler Aristo Car Fraud

Another person has contact me about an Aristo which was stolen by fraud by Norman Fowler. He sent me an SMS message history in which you can see Norman Fowler was very manipulative and was happy to make up any excuse possibly as to why c cheque bounced and why the money hadn’t gone into the victim’s account.

Norman Fowler wasn’t brought to any kind of justice by Essex Police over this matter. Message history as follows:

2 thoughts on “Norman Fowler Aristo Car Fraud

  1. Tim

    Reading through these really does bring back memories, it’s amazing just over the period of time how you forget things.

    I know he sold the car on, and the new owner and I have come to an agreement that he will return mu license plate, if I wipe out the debt owed on the vehicle.

    The car could have been repossessed, plate removed, sold, thus returning to me the monies owed, removing all my costs, and what was left would have been returned to the owner.

    I thought this to be unfair, and the new owner and I have an understanding that he will return the private index mark to me, and in return I will wipe out all debt that I have outstanding on the vehicle.

    The new owner has initiated the removal of the plate, and we are to meet to sign contracts outlining the above and deal with this matter in person fairly shortly.

  2. Tim

    I totally forgot about the calls too – the ones where I was threatened with a shotgun if I went to the police, as he said that he knew where I lived – well he did before I moved!

    I never did tell him that I knew who he was, I just kept him going to see what lie would come out next.

    At one point he started demanding that I pay him £10k for all his trouble with selling the car, because of the comments on ClubAristo.

    So we have Fraud, threats of violence and demanding money with menace.

    I think I have some of the conversations recorded.

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