Norman Fowler – Another Victim Surfaces

I’ve not been posting as much on here lately as I am waiting to see what happens with Norfolk Police, however I’m still active behind the scenes!

While Norfolk Police are dealing with my enquiry, another victim of Norman Fowler has contacted us through the site with a similar story to mine and many others. “D” from London told me:

I brought some Louis Vuitton good off him in a fancy hotel in Central London… REALLY expensive hotel he was staying in,

The goods came with Genuine receipts from Harrods and all authentic.

Then last christmas he said I could choose any items from the website and would get half price..

So I met him gave the cash and was expecting them in the post..

I spend a grand on xmas gifts I never received he ruined xmas for the family.

Police were useless I more or less gave them all the info they needed on him, even another add he had online selling a car with the same telephone number and they did nothing but no futher action my case.

Add another victim to Norman Fowler’s tally and of course, no investigation or punishment from police.

“D” also gave me information about the bank account that he deposited money into which belongs to a “J Broadley”. Another victim received a cheque from Norman in the name “J Broadley” when purchasing items from Norman.

This begs the question – who is J Broadley? What is their involvement with Norman Fowlers various scams?

It also begs the question, how many more victims of Norman Fowler are out there and why have the Police stood by the sidelines in every single instance and told people that they won’t help?

1 thought on “Norman Fowler – Another Victim Surfaces

  1. Clodagh Tailford

    Do you think that the police appear to be not taking these ‘crimes’ seriously because they are viewed as getting your comeuppance for thinking you can get something for nothing…? It seems as though Mr Fowler preys on our desire to save /make money or purchase expensive items ‘on the cheap’. Personally I don’t think it’s up to the police to make this judgement, they are paid to stop people like this operating but their lack of interest in this fraudster is questionable.

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