Norfolk PCC Investigates

Yesterday I contacted the Norfolk PCC, Stephen Bett, by telephone and left a message his answer phone. Previously I had used email and Twitter as a means of contact which had proved unsuccessful, but the Norfolk PCC, called me personally today and advised that the email listed on his campaign site was no longer in use and that he would investigate into what I consider failings of the police.

He seemed to understand my frustration over the phone and said that the matter would be researched, so hopefully his involvement will regain some confidence in Norfolk Constabulary and the legal system as a whole.

Here’s the email I wrote him today:

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your telephone call, the first email I wrote is below this one.

If you wish to review the website I have created – which is a blog of what’s happened.

I’ve asked the Norfolk Police to complain 3+ times and despite an early confirmation that they would take my complaint, they haven’t visited me, I’ve since moved house and they still haven’t contacted me regarding this complaint.

People involved:
PC677 Richard Walker
Sergeant 3124 Anthony Abigail
Chief Inspector Philip Gormley (notified by Simon Wright)
Simon Wright MP
Chloe Smith MP

I have since moved to London, but the problem I have lies within Norfolk, the lack of action from the Police will have drastically reduced any chances of recovering any of my items.

I’ve got the feeling that my items haven’t been entered onto the NMPR despite a request to do that and providing my equipment serial numbers on multiple occasions.

The whole experience has been nothing short of shambolic.