Meeting Norman Fowler For The First Time

Recently I thought I would rent out some of my expensive camera equipment to make my income a bit more stable, and after posting an advert on Gumtree I had a message from an individual who was interested in renting my equipment. So, I replied to the SMS and we discussed the various bits available and the fellow sounded pleased to go ahead with a booking, so asked me to send across all the details on an email.

I requested for a signed copy of our terms and conditions, which he had to sign and date TWICE just to make it that bit more official… you know something means something when someone signs it twice. In addition I asked for a bank statement or utility bill or something that is registered to your billing address along with a colour copy of either your EU driving licence orthe photo ID part of your passport. He was happy with all this and we arranged to meet.

When we met up he gave me with the double signed T’s & C’s, along with not only a copy of the passport, but also the photo and paper part of his driving license – this of coursed matched up with his billing address on his credit card statement that he showed me. We started talking about the camera pretty quickly, he seemed to know quite a bit and explained to me that someone had only a week prior stolen all his camera gear. He told me that his car had pretty much been stolen with all his gear in it and I felt pretty bad for him.

After that we started talking about ways we could help each other He then provided me with the agreed amount and I gave him the Canon 5D MK III and the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L series lens.

We then started talking about other things and he seemed really intersted in my line of work also, I mentioned that I could put him in touch with a local event I work with for some sponsorship so he could get his company on TV! We were both really happy after meeting each other, and continued talking throughout text after meeting up.

Norman then sent an additional SMDS asking if he could rent more items, a 17-40mm lens which belongs to my mate Brendan and my 7D body and 10-22mm lens – so he booked all my kit out. We bartered a little on price and we finally agreed a rate of £250 – which is a lot cheaper than many online rental companies, so he was happy! I forwarded an invoice and he again gave me some more cash and we discussed various things again.

More to come shortly.