Letter to BBC Watchdog about conman Norman Fowler

Check out the letter below to BBC Watchdog.

Hopefully they are a little more help that Norfolk Police.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Norman Fowler rented some of my camera equipment and after not receiving payment for the equipment hire I found out he was a notorious conman.

I’ve made him a website with his information and information about my story here: http://www.normanfowlerconman.co.uk/

This website will be growing over the coming few days / weeks – I’ve appealed to a number of people to hopefully get their stories about him.

I also intend to make a video about this situation but think the BBC would be interested in a repeat offender with a history of conning numerous members of public.

When reporting my case to the police they called me stupid and told me to deal with the problem myself.

Please email me as Norman currently has my phone as well!

I hope to hear from you soon,


1 thought on “Letter to BBC Watchdog about conman Norman Fowler

  1. craig E

    Why is it that the police seem unable or more likely unwilling to deal with scum like this. Have we reached the stage where unless it includes a car chase or prking up with a magic van pointing out the offender sorry I ment driver and the offence commited they are not interested. This is clearly a case of fraud by a prolific offeder whoes details have veen handed on a plate. It is not important that someone is thought to have been stupid or nieve after all that’s the victims this kind of thief prey on. There is clearly a victim in this offence and there are laws which are ment to be upheld by those apointed to do so, so why is it that the Suffolk police are unwilling to investigate so allowing time for evidence and equipment esential to someones employment to be disposed of. We are sorry we at times ask the police to help us in such situations but unfortunatly it is your bloody job

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