Judgement Day Upon Us

It’s Thursday. I want my items back so I can get on with normality, however, I expect Norman will just contact me with another reason why he can’t meet.

If my gear isn’t returned to me, I hope Norman Will face some serious consequences from a judge who isn’t as easily manipulated to give a lenient sentence.

4 thoughts on “Judgement Day Upon Us

  1. Clodagh Tailford

    Even if this crook gets away with this crime ,hopefully, with the help of his very own website highlighting his criminal activity , Mr Fowler may find it difficult to be as elusive as he has been in the past. Lets hope the police keep true to their word and arrest and charge him whatever the outcome.

  2. craig E

    Let’s hope today is Norman fowler day for all those people he has manged to make victims and the rebuilding of the publics faith in the system of justice

  3. Tim

    Anybody got a roulette wheel like the one Fowler has – I’m sure that’s what he uses for his excuse generator!

    Wonder what it’s going to be this time, mother unwell, wife sick, flat tyre, car stolen blah blah blah.

    The guy is so full of it I doubt that he knows the difference between reality and fiction.

  4. tomtailford Post author

    I do hope something gets done, haven’t heard anything from Norman as of yet and the 24 hours has passed so he can go and collect the parcel from Royal Mail supposedly!

    The tracking report for AD316837276GB has also changed on http://www.royalmail.com

    I’ve advised Norman on SMS / email that if for whatever reason he can’t meet me @ Norwich Police Station with my camera equipment, that I can arrange someone to collect from him instead – just in case he thinks it might be a good idea to send it again!

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