J Broadley – Norman Fowler Alias?

Two different people contacted me about Norman Fowler using two different types of scams, but they’ve included another name and set of details for a person called J Broadley, I’ll explain each scam and also how it’s linked to J Broadley.

Scam 1: Norman Fowler arranges to meet mark in a very expensive hotel in London (where he’s supposedly staying) and sells some genuine Louis Vuitton clothing with receipts included, goods are authentic without a doubt and it’s a great price. The following Christmas, Fowler calls the mark, offering any item from his website for half price, which is another great deal, so they arrange another meet, selects a number of gifts for family, exchange cash, and then don’t receive goods they expect in the post.

He was given the bank account details with J Broadley’s name on it as I believe he paid the money into this account!

Scam 2: Norman Fowler arranges to meet mark and buys some car parts and the transaction is smooth, once again the buyer and seller are happy. Fowler then contacts the mark for a second time and asks to buy something else, but this time pays with a cheque, which bounces!

This time the mark was given a cheque with the name J Broadley as the account holder (Norman claims that these are tennants in a property he rents out) – see attached.

As you can see, the techniques are similar… First of all Norman builds trust with a genuine transaction, then the second transaction is a scam – both of these scams happen to involve J Broadley.

Another thing I noticed is that the sort code and account number are different in both circumstances. The cheque below is associated with an account in the name of J Broadley at a Colchester branch of Barclays Bank. Another person provided me details of an account in the name of J Broadley at a Manchester branch of Co-operative Bank.

When I asked Norman Fowler if he cared to comment who J Broadley was, he replied:

No further communication needed until tomorrow. Regards,