Home Office Replies about Norman Fowler Fraud

Previously I uploaded correspondence from Simon Wright MP & Dennis Lacey, the Chief Inspector of Norfolk Constabulary – and while the Chief Inspector regrettably wasn’t able to recover my items, he thought that the police wouldn’t have been able to do so even if they handled the matter as a crime from the outset.

In contrast to the Chief Inspector’s opinion that earlier preventative action would have resulted in a different outcome, the Home Office said that “The focus on prevention needs to be stronger”.

The Home Office changes the way the Police work – however the two letters would suggest that the Chief Inspector hasn’t really taken on board the policy outlined by the Home Office on this particular matter.

The letter also admitted that the defences against fraud need to be stronger and that criminals have been able to exploit various areas of the law for far too long.

Have a read of the letters, it’s not exactly ground breaking stuff, in fact the Home Office correspondence is very similar to previous posts about crime prevention (links below). I’m hoping to update the site over the next few months and will document my complaint about the Police, it’s been nearly a year since Norman Fowler stole all my camera equipment and I still have to send the investigating Police Officer, the Sergeant and the Chief Inspector an email to receive any updates on my case.



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